LAMP Community Health Centre

Send a Kid To Camp

As a not for profit charity we count on donations to support our many programs.  For the Grilled Cheese Challenge we are focusing our fundraising efforts on our Summer Camp Program.

Money raised will hopefully help send a lot of kids to camp!

We have many youth programs as part of our mission and serve all ages. 

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Grilled Cheese Challenge

Try our Grilled Cheese!

Thanks to Furlani Foods for donating their delicious garlic bread, some cheese and condiments for us to use in our Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. And thank you to Pizza Pizza for donating pepperoni.  We will be selling Grilled Cheese at the festival and all proceeds will go towards our programs.
You can also support us in the Kids Games area, where all game ticket sales will be going towards our summer camps programs .

Our mission

 LAMP Community Health Centre strives to improve quality of life in our communities by supporting people to reach their fullest potential.  We do this by working in partnership with our communities to address new and emerging community needs. LAMP supports a wide-range of community programs, health care services, and advocacy initiatives that promote the physical, emotional, mental, ethno-cultural, social and economic well-being of our communities. 

 We offer a wide range of services from direct health care, to support, education, training and resources. Outreach and in house. Find out more on our website or ask one of our volunteers on event day.  

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