About & How to Support Us

Our Mission

To provide a safe refuge, counseling, support and advocacy for women  and their children who are fleeing violence; while also working towards  a more equal society where the  inherent value of all women is  recognized and celebrated.

Our Vision

All women have choice and opportunity to live their lives in dignity,  with equal access to economic and social opportunities and freedom from  violence. 

Our Grilled Cheese Challenge Fundraiser

Want to donate? Many women need help getting the most  basic supplies such as diapers, health products and food. Gift cards to  places like No-Frills, Dollarama, Shoppers & Walmart are greatly  appreciated. Gift cards in  any amount from 5.00 to 25.00 are greatly appreciated. Individual  financial contributions are eligible for tax receipts. 

Part of the Community

Drop by our booth to learn more about us and opportunities to volunteer or get resources.

Supporting Womens Habitat


Women’s  Habitat offers a safe, confidential location with all the services a  woman needs to make a new life for herself and her children.

Out Reach

 Access the many programs we offer at the Outreach Centre. You can join a  support group or set up some individual counselling. We are here for  you and ready to help. 


 Whether you are a student, a journalist or a women looking for more  information about what’s happening to you or your children, we have put  together some of our favourite research and information on the issue of  Violence Against Women.